Wildlife and tourism in Tajikistan

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There are currently two houses established as a guesthouses in Darshay. There is a yurt camp in the Darshay gorge, which can be reached in a one-day hike and can serve as basis for further excursions and wildlife observation. You can be accompanied by a local guide for your trips in the mountains or just to know more about the area.

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Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or ask for Munavvar Alidodov (+992-93-5399183; he speaks basic English, good Russian, Tajik, Shughni and Wakhi). He lives not far from the "mazar" easy to recognize by the argali and ibex horns on the walls. You may also call Husayni Saidbekov (mob. +992-50-1182708).

Prices for accomodation and food:

Bed only - USD 9

Breakfest - up to USD 4

Lunch - up to USD 5

Dinner - up to USD 6

If you would like to have a packed lunch with you on your hikes just ask for it! It is USD 1 for vegetarian and USD 2 for non-vegetarian.


It is highly recommended to hire guides from "Yoquti Darshay" when hiking in the area of the conservancy. The rangers of "Yoquti Darshay" are excellent trekking and wildlife guides and can show you historical sites and rare birds and other animals.

For a walk into the gorge the cost of a guide from "Yoquti Darshay" is USD 15 per day. Guided photo shooting on ibex and other wildlife can be agreed. The price depends on the specific expectations and the effort required. For carrying your luggage the rangers are usually able to assist you in hiring donkeys. The price for one donkey is USD 20 per day. Please understand that usually local people will not rent donkeys to tourists not accompnaied by at least one guide, who would care for the donkeys!

Additional information:

For additional information please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit the PECTA Visitor Center in the city park "Chor Bogh" in Khorog or call PECTA (excellent English and Russian): Asadsho Zoolshoev: +992-93-57777131 or Zhandiya Zooolshoeva: +992-93-5755903!